TP Stampede

McKenzie - 1934

​Same address with a fresh new look.  We don’t take this down time for granted in Teepee Creek.  This was a chance to do some much-needed updates to our website and it is now ready to go.  Some of our Wagonmasters are missing the write-ups so if you have a program from one of those years, please contact us so we can get those all filled in.  
All of the publications from the past Northern Horizon editions will also be available in the Blog tab.  We understand that not everyone has social media accounts so wanted the information available for everyone.  

​Another tab this is very handy for people looking for information about Teepee Creek is the COMMUNITY tab.  Find out about the school, cemetery, general store, landfill hours, Sorkenville, Firehall, County Councilor, 4H Club and more.  We are looking to add even more information to this page with products, services, and home-based businesses that are from the people in this direct area.  If you have something to add, please contact Corry Stark at 780-518-4283 or by email corrystark@gmail.com.  

Upcoming Events:
1st Annual Lyons Production Services Event Center Saddle Roping Jackpot- May 15, 2021 

Coming Soon:
Instant Rancher Raffle 

Turn Back Time...the Stampede wasn’t always about just rodeo events:

Lundie McKenzie (wife of Jack McKenzie) – 1934 rodeo was billed as aquatic because it was held partially at the dams.  Can’t forget about  Stan Warren’s plane (25 cents a ride), bathing beauty contest, and the tennis court.