TP Stampede

The Teepee Creek Stampede is Proud to Present
Thursday, July 11
6:00 PM Grand Entry followed by Ranch Rodeo Events

How to enter

  • All entries must be completed on the Teepee Creek Stampede online entry form found at the end of the rules section below. 6 spots are available and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. In
    the event that one of the 6 teams must turn out, a replacement team will be drawn from the wait list on July 1, 2024. Only the first 6 teams entered will be contacted to confirm entry.
  •  ***ALL TEAMS ARE 4-PERSON TEAMS ***(4 person team does not include bronc rider)
  • ***RANCH BRONC RIDING ENTERED SEPARATELY*** (6 spots available)
  • Contestants must be 18 years of age on or before July 10, 2024.
  • No cross entries.
  • A waiver must be signed by all team members before the competition.
  • Entries are at your own risk.
  • Each confirmed contestant will receive a “TP Ranch Rodeo” Jacket


  • Ranch Rodeo- $400 per team.
  • Ranch Bronc Riding- $60 per person.
  • Entry fees must be paid on or before June 30, 2024. E-transfer accounts@tpstampede.ca with “Ranch Rodeo Entry fees and your Team Name” OR “Ranch Bronc- Name” in the comments.


  • All teams must be in place at the warmup pen by 5:00 pm on Thursday, July 11, 2024.


  • Gary Havell
  • TBD


  • Champion Ranch Rodeo team will receive buckles from Troy Fischer Silverworks.
  • Event champions will receive $200 for each event won (does not include the Ranch Bronc Riding).
  • Prize money to be awarded to the top 3 teams in order of placing. (1st- $800, 2nd- $600, 3rd- $400)
  • Champion Ranch Bronc rider will receive a trophy buckle and $350. (1st- $350, 2nd- $200, 3rd- $150,
    4th-6th- $100 each)

General Rules

  • The same horse must be used for each event, unless injured, which may have a replacement at the
    judge’s discretion.
  • Official order of events will be posted by June 30, 2024.
  • Draw to decide rotation of teams for the event will be completed approximately 1 hour prior to the start of the event at the rodeo office in the warm up pen.
  • Any direct communication with a judge may result in disqualification. A rider representative will be chosen the day of the event, any communication with a judge will be made through the rider
  • Time penalties will be imposed by the judges for rule infractions.
  • A team will be disqualified for abuse or unnecessary roughness of either personal animals or event
    animals. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • All participants in the Teepee Creek Stampede Ranch Rodeo are subject to the General Rules of the Stampede grounds and event.
  • Violation of any of the rules of conduct or Teepee Creek Stampede General Rules may result in Team disqualification.
  • Anyone entering the arena will be wearing long pants, a long sleeved shirt, boots, and a cowboy hat.
  • Contestants should wear chaps or chinks and spurs for all events except wild cow milking.
  • Teepee Creek Stampede reserves the right to reject any team or competitor. Violation of any rule may result in disciplinary action.
  • Teepee Creek Stampede reserves the right to remove from its premises and ban any person and/or animal who/which fails to conform to acceptable standards of public health and safety, animal welfare, animal disease prevention, and biosecurity. Such standards are to be determined by Teepee Creek Stampede Association.


  • Each event will be scored as follows:
Position Points
10 pts
9 pts
8 pts
7 pts
6 pts
5 pts
  • All teams must participate in all events- No turn-outs.
  • Event winners will be determined based on total points awarded for the Ranch Rodeo performance.
    In the event of a first place tie in any event, there will be a tie breaker round for the event.
  • A total of 45 points may be awarded in each event for each round. If there is a tie (other than for first
    place) the teams will receive the same number of points.
  • If a team has a NO TIME or is DISQUALIFIED from an event, no points will be awarded.
  • In case of a tie in the team standings the resolution of the tie will be as follows:
    – (1st) Most points in Team Branding.
    – (2nd) Most points in Team Doctoring.
    – (3rd) Most points in Team Sorting.
    – (4th) Most points in Wild Cow Milking.
    – (5th) Most points in Cattle Rustling/Trailer Loading.

Team Doctoring (1 team at a time)

  • 4-person team.
  • All contestants may rope. Only one paint stick will be provided.
  • A herd of yearlings will be held behind a line approximately 60 feet from the end of the arena. As riders approach the start line, the announcer will call a number that has been drawn for them. Time begins when the first rider crosses the line. Without loping into the herd, one of the designated numbered yearlings must be cut out from the herd and driven across the start line before it can be roped. Loping in the herd will result in a 30 second penalty. Any correct numbered animal can be “doctored”. No more than 2 head may cross the start line as roper cuts their yearling out (the designated numbered animal and 1 other). If more than 2 head cross the start line it will result in a No Time. All team members will be horseback. Herd holders may cross the line after time starts.
  • Yearling must be headed first; yearling must be on it’s feet when headed and heeled. If the steer is caught by 1 horn, the roper is not allowed to ride up and put the rope over the other horn or head with their hands.
  • Four legal head loops: Around the horns, half head, around the neck, or neck and 1 front leg. Cannot dally an illegal catch, if the catch is illegal the contestant can drop the rope and rope over that loop.
  • Ropers can only dally, not tie hard and fast. Team can use as many loops as necessary to catch their animal.
  • Heel catch: both heels must be in the loop prior to doctoring; cannot stretch out a high hock, rider must dismount and pull the rope down below the hock, or tail the animal down.
  • The yearling cannot be choked down. Team members may dismount and tail the animal down.
  • The head loop must be removed and put on the front legs prior to doctoring.
  • The vet will place a mark between the eyes; the mark must be between the eyes or it will result in a NO TIME. Time ends when the yearling is marked visibly between the eyes with the paint stick, and all ropes are off and picked up and all riders mounted.
  • 3 minute time limit.

Team Sorting (1 team at a time)

  • A 4-member team must go into a herd numbered in groups of 3. The announcer will call a number as the first member of the team crosses the start line. The team must enter the herd separating 2 of their numbered cattle and move them back across the start line and into the pen.
  • A herd of numbered yearlings will be held behind the start line at the end of the arena.
  • As riders approach the start line, the announcer will call a number that has been drawn for them.
    Time begins when the first rider crosses the line. All of the riders may cross the line, and anyone may cut the cattle.
  • Without loping into the herd, the team has to cut 2 head bearing the designated number, move them across the start line and into the pen.
  • No trash rule- only 2 correct numbered cattle are allowed to cross the start line at any time or the team will be given a NO TIME.
  • Time is called when the gate into the pen is latched.
  • 3 minute time limit.
  • Placing is based on the number of head penned, and then the time.

Team Branding (2 teams at a time)

  • 4-person team: a roper, 2 flankers, a brander. (2 herd holders will be supplied)
  • Calves will be held in the designated area.
  • Time begins when the ropers enter the herd. Trotting into the herd will result in a 30 second penalty. Heel and drag 3 calves to the branding pot. Dragging a calf to the branding area with a single heel or a high hock will result in a NO TIME penalty. If a calf is rope tied the ground crew can move in to take the rope off the calf.
  • Flankers cannot touch the rope or calf until it is all the way across the line, except to pull the rope off a high hock or single leg.
  • Roper can only rope 1 calf at a time.
  • Branding iron must stay in the pot until the rope is off the calf.
  • After the calf is branded, it must return to the herd.
  • Time stops when the 3rd calf is branded and the iron is back in the pot.
  • Winner is the fastest time on 3 head.
  • 3 minute time limit.

Wild Cow Milking (2 teams at a time)

  • 4- person team: a roper, milker, 2 muggers. Only the roper will be horseback.
  • Teams will start behind the start line. Time starts once the cows are released into the arena.
  • Catch as catch can but cows head must pass through the loop first.
  • Muggers will hold the cow as the milker milks. Anyone can milk, bottles will be supplied.
  • Whoever the milker is must run the bottle to the judge. Milk must pour from the bottle, if it doesn’t pour, will result in a NO TIME.
  • Time is called when the milk is poured, and the rope is off the cow.
  • 3 minute time limit.

Cattle Rustling/Trailer Loading

  • A 4-person team must go into the herd of numbered yearlings, extracting 1 or 2 of their announced number, moving and loading them and all 4 of the horses into the trailer AND getting riders into the front seat of the truck with both doors shut. Free standing panels will be set up for loading. The announcer will call a number as the team crosses the foul line.
  • The time is started when the first rider crosses the foul line and is stopped when the animal(s) have been loaded in the 1st compartment, and all 4 horses are loaded, the trailer door is closed AND all 4 riders are in the FRONT SEAT of the pick-up cab and the doors are closed securely.
  • Only the teams designated number is allowed across the foul line (NO TRASH RULE ). Teams may change to another yearling of the same number if desired.
  • 3 minute time limit.

Ranch Bronc Riding

  • “Ride as ride can” for 8 seconds. A standard working saddle must be used. No CPRA rigging allowed.
  • No hobbling of one or both stirrups. Horse has to be saddled, as he would be, for everyday use.
  • If catch rope is carried on the saddle it must be attached as it would be for everyday use.
  • Saddled for everyday use means- stirrups have no binding in order to hold stirrups forward, nor can they be hobbled under the horses girth. Flank cinch must be hobbled to front cinch with hobble strap no longer than 10 inches. Rope must be free except for the rope strap, no tying rope to anything but the rope strap. Stirrup leathers must be standard leathers. Saddle blankets or pads should not be
    used. Saddles should have full or 7/8 double rigging, no centerfire or 5/8 or ¾ rigging allowed.
  • Saddles will be inspected before unsaddling in the stripping chute. Violations will result in immediate disqualification in the ranch bronc riding for that round.
  • A regular bucking horse halter with one rein must be used and shall be provided by the rider.
  • Points will be awarded for the difficulty of the horse, and also for the degree of aggressiveness, control, and exposure demonstrated by the rider. If the rider believes that he has been fouled he must
    yell “foul” in the first 3 seconds of the ride and then continue to make best ride possible throughout the 8 second ride. A re-ride may be awarded at judge’s discretion.