TP Stampede

'Teepee' Creek

Do you remember the giant teepee that stood at Courtesy Corner in Rycroft for many years? After many trips past the teepee, one of our past presidents brought an idea to the board - we should purchase the teepee and move it to Teepee Creek! The idea was met with a wide variety of responses from “you’re crazy!” to “let’s do it!”  After some time had passed, and after locating the owner, and many discussions later, a deal to purchase the teepee looked like a real possibility. The board jumped in with both feet and made the decision to purchase the teepee and move it to the Teepee Creek Stampede grounds where it stands today. 

A small committee was formed to look after the dismantling of the teepee and after a lot of head scratching, and a few phone calls later, they had a plan. On Oct. 24, 2015, a small group of volunteers and a couple of dedicated sponsors removed the old tarp and dismantled the entire structure, working 70’ in the air with a 45 ton picker. The small pieces were crated, and the larger main beams were loaded onto trucks and hauled to Grande Prairie for sandblasting and painting Teepee Creek red!

​The 100th annual Stampede was quickly approaching so plans to erect the structure began to take shape-but...had anyone taken any measurements before they dismantled it to build the new foundation? NOPE... but, fortunately, the owner still had the original blueprints from when it was first constructed- the stars aligned and the pilings were pinned and installed in May 2016, and over the next couple of months, like a phoenix from the ashes rose the beautiful red steel of a 70’ tall teepee. Hundreds of volunteer hours, and generous support from several sponsors, went into standing and completing the giant teepee, and in fact, the last pieces of red tin trim went up July 14, 2016, the first day of the 100th Annual Teepee Creek Stampede.

Upcoming Events:
1st Annual Lyons Production Services Event Center Saddle Roping Jackpot- May 15, 2021 

Coming Soon:
Instant Rancher Raffle