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Did You Know?

Did You Know? The Teepee Creek Stampede Association is a pillar in the community of Teepee Creek and the surrounding rural area. We are a very active organization and our association is involved in a lot more than just hosting the Stampede. ​The Teepee Creek Stampede Association owns 80 Acres in Teepee Creek where we house our community grounds. Here you will find our rodeo arena, covered grandstands, racetrack and Enframe Building. Let’s not forget the iconic Teepee that we had raised for our 100th year! We are also the home to the Lyon’s Production Services Events Centre, Teepee Creek Hall, Historic Infield Church, and skating arena. The Lyon’s Production Services Events Center is home to team roping, local Gymkhana Club, Penner’s Club, 4H Shows and sales, numerous horsemanship clinics, barrel racing, High School rodeos and PBR Events. For the first time in 104 Years we had no way of hosting our beloved Teepee Creek Stampede. The health and well-being of our fans ultimately came first resulting in us having to cancel the 2020 Edition of ‘Four Days in the Wild.’ This past year has taught us how to adapt and overcome many unthought of obstacles that have been thrown our way. Who would have thought that toilet paper would become a more valuable currency than our dollar?2020 has been a trying time for us all, and we’re ready to shake the dust off and get back to doing what we do best – putting on the Teepee Creek Stampede! We are currently gearing up to Celebrate our 105th Year on July 8-11, 2021! Even though during our current times many others are shying away from planning for the future, we are continuing to plan for our event and will adapt where necessary while ensuring a top-notch show for all. You can bet your boots we plan on being back in 2021! We are also looking for ways to diversify and to carry forth with our goal of providing for our community and surrounding area with one being our *NEW* Monthly 50/50 Cash Raffle. Our goal is not only to fundraise for our Association, but to give back all the non-profit groups and organizations that utilize our facilities. Mark Your Calendars:Today – Yearly Membership Discount Lyon’s Production Events CentreDec 27 – First 50/50 Draw Sales End *Makes a great gift!*Dec 31- First 50/50 Draw DateJan 15 – Early Bird Deadline for Sponsors to Win $500 in TP Swag/Tickets

Happy New Year

Happy New Year ​Happy New Year from the The Teepee Creek Stampede Association! We are excited to put 2020 in the past and look forward to a new year with new goals and new plans – including the 2021 Edition of ‘Four Days in the Wild!” The support for the return of the Stampede has been overwhelming and has instilled in our crew the reason why we are commited to doing whatever it takes to put on a quality show for fans far and wide. Sponsorship packages have been sent out and can be found on our website or by contacting Corry Stark – 780-518-4283 or by email: sponsorship@tpstampede.ca. Thank you to those that have committed already! Don’t forget the earlybird deadline ofJanuary 15th to get your name in for an extra $500 of TP Swag and/or Tickets. The Lyon’s Production Services Event Centre has been in communication with AHS in order to maintain a safe environment for members. Because the restrictions are ever-changing, be sure to head to the website or the TP APP for up-to-date guidelines. The APP is very handy to have all the links, schedule, and updates right at your fingertips! Teepee Creek is known for thinking outside of the box and this month we tried to live up to our reputation. Besides having our first 50/50 Cash Raffle, we also had ‘Cowsh*t Bingo’. We let a cow roam around the arena at the Lyon’s Production Services Event Centre on a big drawn out bingo board that was painted in the dirt. People purchased a number from 1-100 and whichever number the cow pooped on first was the winner! There was a live feed on the Teepee Creek Stampede Facebook page so that everyone could watch, hoot & holler from their homes, in hopes that Petunia the Poopin’ Bovine made them the lucky winner. Dan Parker purchased #5 and took home $800 cash. Not a bad way to end 2020! We are also looking for ways to diversify and to carry forth with our goal of providing for our community and surrounding area with one being our *NEW* Monthly 50/50 Cash Raffle. Congrats Buffie Anderson on the winning ticket taking home $3490 on December 31st! Our goal is not only to fundraise for our Association, but to give back all the non-profit groups and organizations that utilize our facilities. Mark Your Calendars:Today – Yearly Memberships Being Sold for Lyon’sProduction Services Events CentreJan 15 – Early Bird Deadline for Sponsors to Win $500 inTP Swag/TicketsJan 27 – 50/50 Draw Sales End #supportlocalJan 31 – 50/50 Draw Date – Good luck!

First Wagonmaster

First Wagonmaster History is so important to the Teepee Creek Stampede. Each year since 1987, members from the community have been recognized for their contributions to the Teepee Creek Stampede and the community. Check out our website to learn more about each of the Wagonmasters. 1987 – Eric Rycroft1988 – Don Brown1989 – Mr. & Mrs. Bob Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Donald Fraser1990 – Alf Bisgrove, Oliver Talbot1991 – Dick & Blanche Hoag, Roy & Rachel Tink1992 – Calvin & Hanna Hoag, Bill Gacek1993 – Bob & Margaret White, Bill & Norma White1994 – Mark & Ruth Rycroft, Johnny Stark1995 – Norm & Alva Badger, Bud & Lucille Gaboury1996 – Ivar & Gladys Bolin, Elmer & Pearl McLaughlin1997 – Eileen Hoag, Norm & Shirley Hollingworth1998 – Cecil & Janet Weber, Ida Pealo1999 – Ted & Elsie McQuaig, Haina Kirstien2000 – Mabel Vickerson, Helen Rehm, Don & Lona Stark2001 – Bill Blaines, Nan Fraser2002 – Anna Mackey, Anna Moen2003 – Robin & Shirley McQuaig, Sam & Bette Rycroft2004 – Dorothy Rycroft, Mary Rae (Sorken)2005 – Barney & Kay McNally, Lawrence & Marg Hennigar, Fred Nelson2006 – Leslie & Adele Fraser, Dennis & Diane Rycroft2007 – Donald & Patsy McQuaig, Bob Wendt2008 – Grant Family, Joe & Adele Mildenberger, Durocher Family2009 – Tom & Carol Rycroft, Alvin & Alice Rode2010 – Bryan & Donna Tink, John Feeney2011 – Lester Johnson, Tom & Alva Sorken2012 – Rude Blaines, Wayne & Linda Rehm2013 – Melvin Brown, Patsy Rycroft – Brown, Hans & Carol Ruch2014 – Butch Rycroft, Walter & Hazel Ward2015 – Bob & Dorene Binks, Lloyd & Pat Wendland, Heather Dill,Geneva Lizotte2016 – Bob & Jeannie Rycroft, Orval & Betty Sorken2017 – Al & Bunny Noren2018 – Ted Ungurian2019 – Carolyn McLeod Would you like to nominate someone for Wagonmaster? Contact any committee member. Nominees not chosen for this year will be kept on file to be added to next year’s nomination list. Mark Your Calendars:Today – Yearly Memberships Being Sold for LyonsProduction Services Events CentreJan 27 – 50/50 Draw Sales End #supportlocalJan 31 – 50/50 Draw Date – Good luck!

There’s An App For That

There’s An App For That The volunteers that manage the Lyons Production Services Event Centre have been in communication with AHS in order to maintain a safe environment for members. Because the restrictions are ever-changing, be sure to head to the website or the TP APP for up-to-date guidelines. The APP is very handy to have all the links, schedule of community events, and updates right at your fingertips! Quick History Fact:2007 – first year as a CPRA PRO Rodeo, complete modernization of the south end of the grandstands, building a new beer gardens area, as well as a new Chuckwagon Racing Announcers Stand.

‘Teepee’ Creek

‘Teepee’ Creek Do you remember the giant teepee that stood at Courtesy Corner in Rycroft for many years? After many trips past the teepee, one of our past presidents brought an idea to the board – we should purchase the teepee and move it to Teepee Creek! The idea was met with a wide variety of responses from “you’re crazy!” to “let’s do it!”  After some time had passed, and after locating the owner, and many discussions later, a deal to purchase the teepee looked like a real possibility. The board jumped in with both feet and made the decision to purchase the teepee and move it to the Teepee Creek Stampede grounds where it stands today.  A small committee was formed to look after the dismantling of the teepee and after a lot of head scratching, and a few phone calls later, they had a plan. On Oct. 24, 2015, a small group of volunteers and a couple of dedicated sponsors removed the old tarp and dismantled the entire structure, working 70’ in the air with a 45 ton picker. The small pieces were crated, and the larger main beams were loaded onto trucks and hauled to Grande Prairie for sandblasting and painting Teepee Creek red! ​The 100th annual Stampede was quickly approaching so plans to erect the structure began to take shape-but…had anyone taken any measurements before they dismantled it to build the new foundation? NOPE… but, fortunately, the owner still had the original blueprints from when it was first constructed- the stars aligned and the pilings were pinned and installed in May 2016, and over the next couple of months, like a phoenix from the ashes rose the beautiful red steel of a 70’ tall teepee. Hundreds of volunteer hours, and generous support from several sponsors, went into standing and completing the giant teepee, and in fact, the last pieces of red tin trim went up July 14, 2016, the first day of the 100th Annual Teepee Creek Stampede. Upcoming Events:1st Annual Lyons Production Services Event Center Saddle Roping Jackpot- May 15, 2021  Coming Soon:Instant Rancher Raffle

McKenzie – 1934

McKenzie – 1934 ​Same address with a fresh new look.  We don’t take this down time for granted in Teepee Creek.  This was a chance to do some much-needed updates to our website and it is now ready to go.  Some of our Wagonmasters are missing the write-ups so if you have a program from one of those years, please contact us so we can get those all filled in.  All of the publications from the past Northern Horizon editions will also be available in the Blog tab.  We understand that not everyone has social media accounts so wanted the information available for everyone.   ​Another tab this is very handy for people looking for information about Teepee Creek is the COMMUNITY tab.  Find out about the school, cemetery, general store, landfill hours, Sorkenville, Firehall, County Councilor, 4H Club and more.  We are looking to add even more information to this page with products, services, and home-based businesses that are from the people in this direct area.  If you have something to add, please contact Corry Stark at 780-518-4283 or by email corrystark@gmail.com.   Upcoming Events:1st Annual Lyons Production Services Event Center Saddle Roping Jackpot- May 15, 2021  Coming Soon:Instant Rancher Raffle  Turn Back Time…the Stampede wasn’t always about just rodeo events:​Lundie McKenzie (wife of Jack McKenzie) – 1934 rodeo was billed as aquatic because it was held partially at the dams.  Can’t forget about  Stan Warren’s plane (25 cents a ride), bathing beauty contest, and the tennis court.

We’re Getting Ready

We’re Getting Ready Our committee did not sit back this last year and take a break.  It was an opportunity to regroup, rethink, and restructure in order to be prepared for changing restrictions and announcements.  We are more than ready to get to officially announce a schedule that follows AHS regulations to ensure safety of fans, sponsors, & contestants.  Some of the highlights of what we have accomplished this year:  Developed a committee of 100% volunteers to handle ALL operations and maintenance of the Lyons Production Services Events Centre (there were two positions previously that had to be eliminated because of financial situation) Arena ice was put in and has been used all season Hall has been cleaned and organized to accommodate new regulations Sponsorship Packages for 2021 Teepee Creek Stampede were distributed at the beginning of November 2020 with an incredible, positive response Major Beer Garden act is confirmed CPRA carded Stock Contractors, Announcers, Entertainers, and Music Director are all confirmed Plans are in the works for permanent infield seating behind the chutes Partnerships with two different Chuckwagon Associations have been confirmed Budgets have been carefully analyzed and adjusted Discussions with having event televised have been started New website was launched last month from a volunteer on committee Social media has been maintained and following continues to increase on a daily basis Partnership has been made with Northern Horizon Newspaper that includes a regular column updates from TP in each edition Sold-out Cow Sh*t Bingo was held for fundraiser Two successful online 50/50 draws were held Several grant applications have been made to help with costs and upcoming projects LOOKING FORWARD TO JULY 8-11, 2021!!

Miss Teepee Creek Stampede

Miss Teepee Creek Stampede Did you know that the first Miss Teepee Creek Stampede was crowned in 2009? That is right, Teepee Creek started the queen program 12 years ago by Monica Benoit, who was Miss Grande Prairie Stompede 2007 and ran for Miss Rodeo Canada. Monica and everyone working behind the scenes were the start of a wonderful program. The program was originally started for youth 14-17. The program now runs for ages 15-18 which would open the doors to Teepee Creek Stampede having a Queen run for Miss Rodeo Canada. The current Miss Teepee Creek Stampede is Megan Pettyjohn. The Miss Teepee Creek Stampede Committee holds an annual fundraiser, first known as the “Diamond Dinner”, all proceeds from the fundraiser go towards the Miss Teepee Creek Endowment Fund, helping continue on the legacy of Miss Teepee Creek for years to come. As time has progressed, the MTPC Queen Committee started a $500 scholarship for each Queen. This scholarship is still a great part of the Queen Program today, but now it has grown to $1,000. Our hope is to continue this program for years to come as all of our past Queens have utilized their scholarships to attend post secondary school. Holding the Miss Teepee Creek Stampede title is no small task, ask any of our past Queens. The competition itself is focused on several components that the girls will actively use throughout their reign and well into their future careers and life. The contestants each participate in horsemanship, public speaking, modeling, photogenic, personal interviews and they write an exam. It is a great thing to watch a young girl blossom into a young woman, and it is easy to say that each and every girl that has gone through the Queen program has shown exceptional growth. Be it in their self-confidence, public speaking, or their networking skills, the sky is really the limit. These young women have made for outstanding ambassadors for not only the Teepee Creek Stampede but for the rodeo heritage. The 2021 Miss Teepee Creek Stampede Queen Applications are currently open until May 5th, 2021. If you know a young woman who would make a great ambassador, be sure to encourage her to apply! FORMS CAN BE FOUND ON THE WEBSITE OR EMAIL CARLY BOYD AT missteepeecreekstampede@gmail.com.

Team Roping 101

Team Roping 101 “Team roping” was developed on working cattle ranches for when it was necessary to capture and restrain cows that were too large to handle by a single man (for treating illness or injury). Over the years, it grew into a competitive sport, and a numbering system was developed to rate each roper’s individual skill level. The numbers go from one to nine (1-9) for headers and one to ten (1-10) for heelers. Using these numbers, a handicap system (the subtraction of time) has been developed to even the competition. For example, a number 3 header and a number 6 healer would be called a number 9 team. Today there are tens of thousands of amateur ropers in North America who compete for millions of dollars in prize money. The event features a steer with horns (typically a Corriente or Longhorn) and two mounted riders. The first roper is referred to as the “header”, the person who ropes the front of the steer, usually around the horns, but it is also legal for the rope to go around one horn and the nose resulting in what they call a “half head”, or around the neck. Once the steer is caught by one of the three legal head catches, the header must “dally” (wrap the rope around the rubber covered saddle horn) and use his horse to turn the steer to the left. The second roper is the “heeler”, who ropes the steer by its hind feet after the header has turned the steer, with a five-second penalty assessed to the end time if only one leg is caught. Both men and women can compete equally together in professionally sanctioned team roping competition.​The goal is for each ”team” (header and heeler) to rope the steer as fast as possible, with the time starting when the steer leaves the chute, and ending when heeler has caught and the header’s horse turns and faces the steer with both ropes tight. A typical team roping jackpot would consist of 3 or 4 runs, with the times for each run being combined, and the winner determined by the lowest aggregate time on the most cattle caught.